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BWC TTA Podcasts

Mar 19, 2021

On this episode of LE Tech Talks, BWC TTA Outreach Coordinator and Analyst Jessica Dockstader sat down with BWC TTA Co-Director Dr. Mike White and Subject Matter Expert Dr. Aili Malm. Ms. Dockstader, Dr. White, and Dr. Malm discussed themes from the recent report, Key Trends in Body-Worn Camera Policy and Practice: A Five Year Policy Analysis of US Department of Justice-Funded Law Enforcement Agencies.

Dr. White and Dr. Malm shared important takeaways and surprising findings from their report on BWC policy surrounding topics such as activation, officer authority to review BWC footage, supervisory review authority, off-duty assignments, activation during public demonstrations, temporary deactivation (and muting of audio), and how departments handle video release requests.